show #292: julie novakova on robots, transhumanism & loving pan tau

today on the show czech writer julie novakova, prolific crafter of short stories, novels in her native language, translations from czech into english of amazing talent from her home country, mother, scientist, advocate of educational outreach and most importantly = a connossieur of pan tau.

not sure who mr. tau is? want to learn more about “the ship whisperer” and/or an anthology of astrobiological scifi? listen and enjoy:

and now onward with more context than you ever wanted:

  • the original livestreamed show:
  • we did not plan to broadcast this interview almost to the day of the 100th anniversary of karel čapek’s play “r.ur.” but then we did. “rossum’s universal robots” was published 01/25 1921 and introduced the word “robot” in the context of [easily exploitable] humans that work hard and don’t complain much until …. well you gotta read it and find out! [below = one of many modern productions of the play, really fab to see what people do with it!]
  • and a new book julie is involved with as well is coming out too, celebrating the centennial of “r.u.r” …
  • pan tau is but one of many many examples of art [and entertainment] produced in the 20th century in what was then czechoslovakia [part of which after the fall of the soviet union is now known the czech republic]
  • and since drax was obsessed with stop-motion animation before he entered the machinima realm, here is czech artist jan svankmajer who has been at it for at least 70 years …
  • sorry but i am on a roll = please check out jiri trnka as well thank you: art & politics or political surrealist art = i can see a connection with julie’s work, can you?
  • what else is happening in second life? well soon = music made in sl, a new series will premiere and it shall be magnificent …..
  • what else is happening in sl and on the book club? a new wednesday a new show with another great guest!!!

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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