show #291: heidi james tells of mothers …

show #291

today on the show: heidi james. and yes: i discovered her via twitter. as much as i despise algorithmically driven “social” media, i have to say it works in the sense of “you have ordered from influx press before, you may like bluemoose books & specifically heidi because her fictional mothers are quite evil!”

so there we go! i inhaled three of her books in a week, got behind on my deadlines and all for the better of it …. enjoy some dark stories about struggling mothers:

and now after you listened you may watch/read/listen some more to context assembled for you via the interweb:

  • the original live stream:
  • what a pleasure to have heidi read from her work today. as we mentioned: she is an actress and a dancer and even her avatar was able to pull off some moves, however i found the REAL thing: an oldie but very goody [heidi maybe we can motion capture some of this for sl?] …
  • did i mention everyone who enjoys reading must buy books? especially from indie press? below a tiny section from my indie shelf within the big shelf. go and buy stuff now! also = delivers in the uk if you for some reason do not want to order directly!
  • heidi’s work is so good that i even read her “wounding” on an iphone screen and was fully absorbed/immersed. folks know how much i hate e-books in any format but the tale of a disintegrating marriage, told by a well-meaning but clueless husband and his wife who suffers deeply because she can not love her kids while her body goes through the motions. powerful!
  • heidi’s “guilty pleasure” [aside from glossy fashion mags?] = sweet valley high [strawberry linden agrees it is the best!] >>> i was not familiar but now i am [thank you youtube!] …
  • did i mention that my guilty pleasure is conan? [cue arnold: “i did not play conan, i am conan!”]
  • what else is happening in second life? glad you asked: pysched about my little piece on centauria! an amazing place …
  • what else is happening on the longform media front you ask? well: i am transcribing hours of interviews because the assemblage of the story about “virtual cultures in pandemic times” will happen in march and there is some anxiety about scope/time to turn it around! however as folks know = the driver of creative choices is often a constraint on time so in the interim: behold some fun outtakes ….

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