show #290: samit basu is the duck of anti-dystopia

show #290

samit basu is on the show today. he has a thing for ducks although he really does not know why but at least he knows how to write awesome speculative fiction that is relevant to the current moment in indian society, comic books and bollywood movie scripts …. enjoy:

and now read and educate yourself on important context:

  • the original live streamed show:
  • when samit shows up the duck is omnipresent and we broadcasted the show on #nationalrubberducky day too ….
  • samit wrote and co-directed a film starring strawberry’s favorite actor ali fazal [i learned this during the soundcheck of the show …] = ahh the times when people stayed at home VOLUNTARILY …..
  • we discuss the worrisome trend towards fundamentalist hindu nationalism, facilitated by the current administration under nerandra modi … when samit wrote “chosen spirits” news of atrocities were breaking such as the february ’20 attacks in dehli ….
  • the complexity of indian politics can be overwhelming for folks in the west but alas shyla in a question asks about the farm laws … i am learning by looking and identifying good reads!
  • samit’s “chosen spirits” starts by mentioning the recent protests at shaheen bagh, demonstrating against new citizenship laws that resulted in muslims being stripped of their status and in some caases put in internment camps [in the kashmir region] & i have ordered a book to give me some more historical context on discrimination ….
  • comic relief wanted after heavy historical context? a smart meme shared by gautam shenoy is making a connection to the destruction of a mosque on a muslim holy site in india and the right-wing mob storming the us capitol building on january 6th …
  • since the show goes live on mlk day it is time to link to the “eyes on the prize” documentary series. watch it! it is essential!!!

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