show #289: planetbreaking lovecraft beats with nick et al

show #289

prolific writer and editor nick mamatas is on the show today. we have readings, performed by otherworldly entities, we discuss craft and process and we devise a plan how to deal with “problematic” authors … ok, racist authors and one in particular whose work has changed popular culture forever. nick has just released an anthology of lovecraftian speculative fiction “wonder and glory forever” and forthcoming on 1/21 is his “planetbreaker’s son”

enjoy [ and excuse the fairly hot mics today!]:

and now more context for you:

  • the original livestreamed show:
  • a great show despited technical challenges as the group shot of our community attests …
  • the beat poets changed literature forever and perhaps nick changed cosmic horror forever by merging beat with cthulhu in “move underground”? here is jack kerouac reading from “on the road” on the steve allen show in 1959, two years after publication and his rise to stardom …
  • animated film inspired by allen ginsberg’s “howl” [the seminal poem of the beat generation]
  • a cool documentary i stumbled upon when i looked into the relationship between jack kerouac and neal cassidy, whose different family backgrounds influenced not only the relationship between the inner circle of the beats but also shaped their art:
  • nick was also an editor over at viz media and i can not believe i still have a naruto avatar in second life ….. [is that even legal?]
  • what else is happening in sl? well …. art and centaurs and music and and and ….
  • in regards to what happened in the us of a while we were escaping to our global community for a bit of virtual book talk = highly recommended listening by the always excellent on the media:

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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