show #287: anna vaught is saving the famished …

show #287

anna vaught is a writer, poet, educator and mental health activist. her prose is exquisite and her “saving lucia” [to mr. drax anyway] is an ode to imagination. locked up and forgotten in a mental asylum in the 1950s, a group of women embark around lady violet gibson [who tried to kill italian fascist leader benito mussolini in 1926] on an exploration of creativity and as a they free their minds, will their body follow? we also discuss anna’s most recent collection of short stories “famished”, which some call [ok drax does!] a “vicious attack on the beauty of communal feasting” … enjoy a nourishing meal dished out by a talking trifle:

and now after you listened to the program, here is for more dessert:

  • the original live streamed show:
  • postgame discussion where the trifle turned into a zebra because why not?
  • a few pictures to illustrate setting and characters of anna’s “saving lucia”: lady violet gibson, lucia joyce, bertha pappenheim, the famous st. andrews mental asylum [still in operation as a “mental health facility” with its share of recent scandals in regards to patient “management”] and blanche wittman as she appears in a painting by andré brouillet from 1887, hypnotised by jean-martin charcot at a public event, showcasing “female hysteria” ….
  • i enjoyed anna’s famished a lot. short stories, eating, feasting, gorging, abusing …. yes: sharing meals, preparing them, desiring them, all that can be a force for good but also for … EVIL !!!
  • the last sl destination guide video is done and i am done for the year …. [we produced 150+ videos this past year .. insanity!]
  • is there one more book club before the year ends you ask? i am glad you did ask because yes there is = join us in-world or on the stream !!!

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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