show #285: social media, women, the internet and all the [ar]rest

show #285

joanne mcneil – author of “lurking” – suggested this panel and it was a wonderful one: claire l. evans with a history of women who worked on the foundation of the internet and continue to shape it , a deep critique of the attention economy by jenny odell and a delicious satire of dystopian tropes that jonathan lethem somehow manages to deliver in both hysterical and mindful tones= my week in reading was a delightful one! enjoy the conversation:

more reading and watching to grab your attention below after you completed your assigned podcast listening:

  • the live stream from wednesday’s book club
  • and the fun post-game discussion and madness
  • a panel with guests of this caliber is always challenging, but the diversity of thought and of course avatar embodiment is always a highlight …
  • the great silas merlin made jonathan’s duck avatar. the elusive artist was even present during the show – as a … duck [while the other one is hovering in front of page 76 of “the arrest” …
silas and a hovering relative
  • jenny proposes many good ideas in her “how to do nothing” like bioregionalism, cicero’s mantra “voluntate studio disciplina” [will, effort and discipline] but she also frequently goes back to bartleby and his catch phrase “i rather not”:
  • joanne mcneil has a fab medium post up about early warning signs in the form of well researched books, showing that the “facebook quo vadis?” surprise defense is a sure fire sign that we did not pay attention …
  • claire l. evans’s “broad band” is as deep and well researched as every book on the panel so i am just going to post a billy idol tune here to add context [read the book and also = contact billy’s people to get him on the show …]
  • jonathan lethem has written a short story that features a duck at the age of 21 and i recorded a tune called “conference of the ducks” at age 22 … coincidence ? i think NOT! [track features the great ignaz schick!!]
agent de avantgarde was recorded in 92, our elliott sharp sessions happened in ’93 but were not recorded
  • what else is happening in second life? holidays are near and i have something nice cooking [with furries and others] …

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