show #277: a centaur & a mermaid walk into a book club …

show #277

a wonderful show [and i know i say this every week!] with two non-humanoid creatures at the second life book club: katharine duckett as centaur and chana porter as mermaid.

both women are [debut novelists and] great writers. they are also involved with the octavia project which utilizes the imaginative forces of science fiction to activate young folks and give them the tools to make a better world through art, storytelling and sociological insight.

enjoy the conversation:

and now go on dear listener and read and or watch some more:

  • the original live stream of the show:
  • the postgame exclusive hangout [yes elitist sl residents only = if you want to be part of this you have to park your avatar 2 hours before showtime!!!]
  • some impressions from the show: wonderful readings from “the seep” and “miranda in milan”… it was wild and solas made the castle beautiful!!!
  • katharine made me read shakespeare [this is an awesome complete edition i got for 2 pounds back in ’88 on a trip to london]
  • you wonder where the name for this project comes from? answer: octavia e. butler who you should read right now!!!
  • sad to say it, but i did see it coming ….. ah well: the oculus is dead, long live virtual reality/virtual worlds ….
  • what else is new in second life? lots and lots of cool stuff but first and foremost: i am very proud of arietu who was so courageous to tell her story ….

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