show #275: margi preus talks village of scoundrels

show #275

margi preus is guest on the show today. the taping with her from wednesday’s second life book club covers many aspects of her work for young adults but specifically the current novel “village of scoundrels” set in nazi-occupied europe and could not be more timely!


and now for more context:

  • the original live stream of the book club:
  • impressions from the show [full house and attentive audience ….]
  • one of margi’s heroes in the book is still alive and vocal about her experience: hanne hirsch liebmann [can we get her into second life please?]
  • another one of the preus favorites in the drax household, “shadow on the mountain“, takes place in nazi-occupied norway. interesting propanda posters from the 1940s target [mostly male] youth with enticing outdoors activities ….
  • on the subject of the utmost urgency to be informed about the history of fascism in order to assess how in post-war germany right-wing movements were active throughout the 70s/80s and beyond, often downplayed by political leaders: i am reading the protocol of the 5-year trial against beate zschäpe [as well as some other hardcore neonazis] of the national socialist underground movement [nsu], written by annette ramelsberger and team: 1500+ pages which detail failure of law enforcement, willful ignorance towards evidence of active german nationalist movements in favor of one [among others!] theory that suspected turkish mafia killing “their own” on german “soil” …. reading this stuff is so important, and it will make you furious, i guarantee it !!!

  • coming up this month on the book club = a bunch of very cool authors!!
  • what is happening in second life? sandboxing is happening and it is great fun!!

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