show #265: mcauley & brown on dystopia [aka the present]

show #265

yes indeed: a meeting of great minds met at the sl book club last wednesday: prolific author of many books and stories paul mcauley and [relative!!!] newcomer christopher brown shared the stage and we talked about clifi, clint & coping with present day reality [see what i did there?]

enjoy a conversation and a reading from the latest works of these two marvelous writers [“war of the maps” and “failed state” respectively]:

  • the original live stream of the show:
  • a bit of offstream post-game just for the second lifers:
  • paul mcauley reads …

  • christopher brown’s “failed state” arrived finally in physical form but now it can’t fit into the shelf anymore:

  • paul started talking jg ballard as we ran out of time. you don’t know who he was? well …. here we go:
  • is christopher’s world building in “tropic of kansas” accurately reflecting the current moment? you be the judge …

  • reading list for your reading pleasure:

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.27.48 AM

  • on a personal note: REST IN POWER MICHAEL BROOKS >>>> what an amazing amazing talent and a huge inspiration for so many young people. i am still crying here and there. check out one of his earlier hosting of majority report & then go to the lula interview and cry with me and then keep the movement for a fair system for everyone going strong!

  • a wonderful remembrance of michael:

  • and just one more from ben dixon [i said it before = when i grow up i want to be like michael]:

  • please go and purchase and read michael’s book “against the web” – it is short and concise and super important!


  • ok for folks who want to go DEEP on michael brooks:
  • ending on a lighter note = coming this week a look at furry culture in sl

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