show #263: peter watts is fully conscious !

show #263
show #263

sci-fi author peter watts aka squidnapper in sl was guest on the book club and we went full on intellectual on the show [finally!]: what is life, what is consciousness. what is a chinese room? the quality of the discourse on today’s show is evidenced by flying saucers and ray guns as documented by audience member oblee ….

but seriously: a wonderful deep dive into peter’s work, a conversation [with a much-too-short appearance by kelly robson] that could have and should have and was extended beyond the allotted streaming time via a cool post-game outing.

a incredible reading from “blindsight” by peter is included!


and now read on and on and on ….

  • the original live streamed show:
  • the unofficial post-game madness hang-out extravaganza on the brand-new gamified book club island [peter changed his embodiment to discuss the pressing issues of the day and the past, addressing the reason and context of why peter’s books are freely available on his website]
  • a few pics from the show and peter’s amazing reading …
  • big shout out to arduenn, owner of the black forest – a sl store of fine fine good which is also known as OMGWTFL$10 – for expanding book club with games and spaceships etc for us to gather around and get to know each other. self-replicating chickens coming soon ???
  • did you miss the appearance of kelly robson from may? here we go:
  • what is happen at linden lab? acquisition much? yes indeed and i was as surprised as you guys when the press release dropped!

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.54.30 PM.png

  • apparently nothing is happening in regards to “sanitizing” sl if ebbe altberg is to be believed [and i DO believe him!]:

  • what else is happening in second life? well: i visited africa and had toto in my head the entire time so i had to put together a little high life music track for this one …


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