show #262: matt ruff naming names

show #262

matt ruff was guest on the sl book club before and since he is also a veteran of the short-lived #draxtorreads series in sansar [is that thing still around?], i had to come up with yet another show title … sigh … how do these writers do it? maybe they come up with alt titles?

262 alt

despite my cringe-worthy humor [has worked well on women over 50 since i was 12 but now i am 49 … time to retrain/refrain?] we do not only talk the excellent [latest] 88 names but matt is also reading excerpts from everyone of his past novels ! ! !

262 deutsches alt.png

if you like to enjoy superbly constructed big plots [untethered to any specific genre for the most part although certainly “adjacent” to speculative fiction? don’t ask me: i am not an academic!], sprinkled with a seemingly unlimited supply of wacky micro characters, subplots, classic and contemporary cultural and literary references …oh man you have to read some matt ruff!262 evitanretla.png

but first =  listen to the show: 

and some more for you to read, watch and look at:

  • the original livestream from the book club
  • the venue was decorated in a beautiful possibly neurological-reaction-inducing manner so we left the background monsters off this gallery [you can see them in the stream as made by loki eliot] and only focused on the cthulhu aspect…
  • of course we need to mention “lovecraft country” and we are psyched [who is we?] although we are bummed that “the mirage” was not made into a series before this one …
  • i had to proof that i am the total super stan for matt by taking a picture of the shelf section where “he” lives … [a restraining order should be imminent …]

the shelf did i borrow the sartre on the bottom?

  • go and check out the 88 names podcast and then get the book before they make a movie out of it ….


  • what is new in sl? my friend trouble made a wonderful 3d love-letter to his girlfriend. he is on lockdown in nyc and she is in argentina but they will always have paris …
  • what is next on the book club? glad you asked because it is peter watts who once called second life “unnecessarily complex” but not in a bad way …

the drax files radio hour is a weekly production of draxtor … and media for all! 

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