show #253: a conversation with s.l. huang

show #253

today we continue the audio re-broadcast of our live “second life book club” shows with special guest s.l. huang. she is the creator of the cas russell sci-fi thriller series of books [and no second life was not named after her!], where nefarious telepathic secret societies influence our minds and los angeles blows up constantly. the lead is a dark skinned woman who is also a math genius: explosions and feminism in one package!


more to read and watch below for context:

  • the original live stream:
  • the third book in the cas russell series is “critical point” out now out from tor books, who sponsored a give-away during the show [big thx to giselle gonzalez for helping organize this!]

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 9.00.25 AM

  • next on the book club: “is fiction the ultimate empathy machine?” join us in-world for this one!


  • what else is happening in second life? for the fantasy faire addicts there is a LOT going on: pryda parx went through the entire whole array of regions!

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