show 252: our digital selves [non-isolated]

show #252

it has been exactly two years since i finished editing “our digital selves” in a frenzied self-isolated state [is there any other?] of [nonstop] editing. the film was released on may 18th on youtube and resonated deeply even with staunch second life critics among my circle of friends and colleagues. the film “hit” the festival circuit soon thereafter, including private screenings with the president [!!!] of paramount pictures [i am NOT kidding!!!].

this past thursday “our digital selves” was scheduled to premiere on european physical “soil” in paris but alas the ethnografilm festival …

… was canceled. that is why we screened the film in sansar [coinciding with my exodus from there, movement of the draxtor …]

please enjoy listening to the audio of the special short edit of this film, imagine worlds, imagine protagonists, let these stories sink in and then leave a nice comment on youtube with your own story?

thank you!

more to read and such below:

  • our digital selves on youtube
  • our friend uccie poultry passed away last week. she was in many of my machinimas, often in the background of the scene, never in the background when it came to creating an wonderful atmosphere on the set …

Uccie Memorial in Bay City.jpg
uccie’s memorial in bay city
  • sl book club in full swing every wednesday with so many authors in the onboarding cue …. i am in heaven of avatars ….

  • oh and this week is big at the book club too with sl huang and others:

  • what is happening in second life other than book club? fantasy faire that’s what!!!

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