show #248: confessions of … rai fargis [rerun]

show #248

this show [minus the brandnew editorial in/out] first aired in june 2017 when i visited vienna austria. great conversation with a longtime second lifer & activist in various areas. great broadcaster too! rai fargis is a cool dude!

topics? trolling vs mischief, virtual embodiment, choice over it = really nutritious food for thought indeed!

enjoy, stay home and remember – as a virtual world enthusiast: nothing changes for us. our friends are still where they have always been: a log-in away ….

and more to read up on stuff:

  • rai in two embodiments = one sl and one sansar [guess which one is which?]
  • rai is part of the escapades community in sl:
  • in rl rai works at an awesome radiostation I AM JEALOUS !!!!
  • let’s jump to rl for a sec here = in re lessons to be learned from the pandemic? i go with robert reich for starters:

  • what is happening in sansar? well … the new ceo is in the house …

  • oh i forgot that we pretty busy this last week moving over several conferences from rl to sl like museweb

  • vwbpe in its 13th year is doing well
  • do you feel anxious cooped up at home? you are not alone … obviously … try meditation?

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