show 247: lurking … [are we all just users?]

show #247

joanne mcneil is a gifted writer and journalist with a long personal history in social media. her book “lurking” illuminates the “good ol’ days” of bbs and usenet, fairly obscure regional and niche-specific networks like echo and to friendster, myspace and into the current domination of facebook and twitter. and the book examines what engaging and investing in online communities does to us individually as well as collectively. must-read for all of us in this space – be it user or dev [a distinction that irks the drax]. the book is fab even though second life is only mentioned twice …. enjoy:

and now on to more context and material to digest:

  • the original conversation with joanne + our trip to the nexus live stream from sansar:
  • what is happening in sansar other than cool bookshows? owners have changed:

  • what is happening in sl? cyber fair is still up:
  • what else is happening in second life? trying to get the term “unsocialdistancing” trending … [vwbpe starts thursday !!!]

  • tremendous interest in second life for obvious reasons and a solid response from ceo ebbe altberg

  • and another BIG conference is moving to second life >>> museweb2020 = we will have cory doctorow in retro feel? well …. we shall see 3/30 …

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