show 246: ken liu & the hidden girl

show #246

ken liu is a writer of wonderful short and epic fiction, a translator of fine chinese sci-fi, a trained lawyer, a programmer and he also owns a vr headset. since he met all the pre-requisites for being on the show – ok let’s be honest, he actually exceeded them –  drax read his new collection of stories “the hidden girl”, prepared 10 pages of questions, tossed them out, put the helmet on and a engaging conversation at #114harvest ensued. enjoy & please forgive the audio issues [bandwidth availability and self-isolation in the physical realm are clashing and we keep fingers crossed for the former to remain intact]:

read on, dear listener, read on:

  • the unedited livestream with fan meet/greet at end [starts at around 01:02:20]
  • the ken liu avatar in progress [made by fullspectrum3d]

  • announcement of this show on twitter [featuring “eternity”in sansar]

  • ken translated qiufan chen’s “waste tide” which i loved:
  • ken also translated “the three-body problem” which i will not remake in sansar as a animated series because someone attempted this in minecraft already:
  • ken’s avatar was made by fullspectrum3d, spearheaded by bagnaria and medhue

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 11.25.35 AM.png

  • what is new in sansar? harvest crawl continues it was possibly the wackiest in a while last week ….
  • what is happening in sl? cyber fair ! ! !
  • linden lab has reacted to the virus threat with a great page focusing on remote learning. more to come on that front [i am working on some videos!!]

  • i have been tweeting with several hashtags to help alleviate anxiety due to isolation, as of late i have been using #quarantinelife:

  • next week = joanne mcneilwith “lurking” or this wednesday on the live-stream

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