show 245: matt ruff enters virtual reality

245 podcast
show #245

matt ruff has written a book about mmos and virtual worlds and it is awesome: “88 names” is going right next to “snow crash” and “ready player one” [among others in the vr genre] in the drax shelf.

enter a wide-ranging conversation about matt’s body of work which includes wacky ideas such as ayn rand as artificial intelligent [really?] being in a bottle, rampant racism in a lovecraftian america [that arguably has not changed much past 1964], an arab jack bauer ready for 24/7 jihad & as of late: the blow job markup language [do i have your attention now second lifers?] …..


and below please find – as always – some more audio/visual material to explore for contextual deepening if you wish:

  • the original stream of this show from sansar including meet/greet at the end:
  • i pulled a matt clip where he admits he scares his publicist [and as a fan of his i think this is what he should continue to do …]

  • just had an idea …

  • matt handles the topic of virtual sex in 88 names with satiric vigor but thankfully does not use “datenfetisch” as a cheap prop  … of course when reading the book i was reminded of our “login2life”documentary in not only the sl part [featuring stroker serpentine] …
  • … but also the wow/machinima part featuring olibith:

  • frank zappa should be on matt’s radar so i tracked down an “essential playlist”[click on link] for the beginner [hope some of the zappa sentiment gets into the next book!] & below is the absolute essential of the essential: the magnificent story of greggary peccary [aka sewer, gas & electric in opera format]
  • one more zappa recommendation if i may? just found this 200 motels live ….
  • the stack of current drax top vr novels [don’t @ me about including “the neverending story” – it is the BEST!]

Image from iOS

  • what is new in sansar? #114harvest is continuing of course!
  • what is new in second life? just a little music video this week [working on a 5-parter so i need some breathing room!]
  • next week on #draxtorreads ? ken liu is in the house!!

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