show #243: anne charnock tackles clifi = bridge 108

243 neew
show #243

today on the show author speculative fiction author anne charnock. drax devoured her entire oeuvre & the conversation will include all of it: tales of cognitive enhancement, stories that connect female artists from the 15th century to the 21st [or was it the 22nd?] & explorations into “artificial” child birth. her new book “bridge 108” is set in a world that may be just around the corner: an isolated britain, trying to shield itself from internal turmoil brought on by economic disparity as well as migration from southern europe, triggered by climate change. enjoy:

and below some more audio-visual information pertaining to this week’s subject matter:

  • the original stream of my interview with anne:
  • anne’s avatar reading an excerpt from “bridge 108”

  • the physical world anne reading a chapter from her “dreams before the start of time” – a wonderful meditation on child bearing in present and future, spanning generations …
  • what is new in sansar? well: linden lab is looking for a buyer but we at #114harvest won’t stop to run our inclusive community which includes harvest crawl every saturday at 11am:

  • loki eliot channeled the essence of harvest in one of his postcard style videos …

  • “our digital selves” will have its european festival premiere on april 23rd at the ethnografilm in paris, france & as i am editing a special version i found this clip i love:

  • what up in sl? a lot as usual and more coming but this month is celebrating the virtual black history museum:
  • what else was up in sl on 02/20/20 ? you guessed it: my 13th rez day THANK YOU COMMUNITY!!!

  • we are not ignoring what is happening in sansar so here is strawberry’s lab gab which includes linden lab ceo ebbe altberg’s announcement on the future of sansar:

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