show #242: anrick makes realities

show #242

guest today is anrick, a director of immersive ar and vr content, founder of studio anrk & while drax is marveling over anrick’s body of work this show addresses the “elephant” in the room right at the start: layoffs at linden lab and reshuffling of talent in-house away from sansar. why is social vr [like hifi and vrchat] struggling? listen and chime in:

now on to more context and following up with links to the stuff we talked about:

  • anrick’s barcelona music video on sketchfabis wonderful:

  • drax and anrick are working in cutting edge realities and STILL use skype when they tape a podcast … oh my …
drax and anrick talking on the skype metaverse.jpg
“hi anrick, can you hear me now?”
  • anrick is in sansar [until the door closes!!]
  • drax mentions samsung goggles from ces:
  • drax mentions for whatever reason the world of warcraft movie:
  • “molotov alva and his search for the creator” came out one month before drax started his sl reporting career:
  • anrick mentions the untitled game with a goose …
  • what up in sl? love was/is in the air …
  • sansar is not dead because #114harvest is alive:

  • sansar is not dead because next week anne charnock will be in the house:


  • in regards to “the witcher” >>> #draxtorreads “der narrenturm” before he turns on the tv …

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