show #240: troll talk 2020 [rerun]

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show #240

today is a rerun of a fascinating conversation i had with a [professional?] troll out of second life. she is seemingly young [judging from her voice] and she spends her weekends harassing folks like myself [and i could be her dad’s age] in virtual worlds like sl, hifi, sansar, you name it.


what drives this woman? what drives this gigantic sub-section of the attention economy we call outrage culture? i personally have a lot of empathy for young folks who are trying to find their way in this neoliberal hellhole where their wages are stagnant, jobs are dead-end and debt is looming large. but is getting some measly shekels from google ads via a youtube channel dedicated to bullying others the answer?

you be the judge [and not surprisingly = lavender storydel’s fans thought i “lost” this debate that we streamed live …. coz i am an old fart who loves to lecture. well … they are actually quite right about that!]

you listened and now it is time for a lot of context [deep stuff today]:

  • the original livestream with lavender incl comments:
  • my fave youtuber – peter coffin – has a lot to say about alienating REAL life & the pursuit of “kicks”: the spectrum is wide, ranging from online doxxing to physical harm = his essay on the joker movie is deep:

  • super important context from my fave radio showin regards to “cancel culture” [a related topic!], featuring the wonderful contrapoints:

  • on the subject of trolling for trump [and yes there is a connection between “harmless” virtual world fun & actual dangerous political impact] = must listen from TAL:

  • it was brought to my attention that enola em who ran hotel chelsea in second life passed away. RIP enola … i interviewed her for a recent piece and her passion for art was inspiring. may this spirit live on ….
  • is sansar still alive i was asked recently at an sl event. oh lordy … of course it is and we are in it every day with #114harvest

  • and loki eliot has a new blog post out about sansar … oh my …

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  1. Lavender says:

    Hi Drax! Are you really recycling our boring talk? You’ll be pleased to know I stopped trolling second life ages ago. We should catch up soon so I can tell you about my experience as a reformed troll. Hope you’re doing well (unblock me on twitter).

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