show #239: ruth kemp + jessica west on translation


239 final
show #239

we are talking translation today – from video games to literary fiction – with ruth ahmedzai kemp and jessica west. wonderful show with live audience for the first time: lightsabers and snowballs were thrown all the while bristol vr lab controlled the tech aspect tightly. consequently we had great content delivered with a bit more  “public access channel vibes” [should i trademark this term?]

enjoy the show and i do hope you get the bug for some out-of-the-mainstream fare when choosing your next book:

read on dear listener, for context:

  • the unedited live stream from sansar
  • big thx to bristol vr lab for facilitating the vr onboarding for ruth and jessica:

  • interesting initiative: new books in german seeks to connect publishers, authors and translators [and grant givers because $$$ matters!]

  • fun in the studio clearly amplified by random lightsaber action from the audience:

  • drax discovered tomris uyar recently through asymptote journal: almost nothing of her work has been translated into english

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 10.05.54 AM

  • what is happening in second life you ask? lab gab reunited me with strawberry !!
  • next week on this very show: joe haldeman in an avatar made by silas merlin [of course!]

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