show 231: waste tide

show #231

qiufan chen was a tech entrepreneur in the vr field no less before writing a perfect novel for our present day.

“waste tide” was released in china back in 2013 and just this year appeared in english as well as in german translation. the novel reads like a documentary with a james bond type international thriller on top of it. minus the flawless james bond …

the book is about trash.  shocking amounts of electronic trash and it is about the consumerist madness we all participate in, the people profiting from it as well as the people suffering from it. 

enjoy a wonderful conversation with mr. chen, live from the sansar basement at 114 harvest [could not have done this without anrick, catherine allen and  the wonderful holly lindon, mark williamson, joseph appleby & dan sodergren over at the landing in manchester]:

and as per usual check below for more contextual information plus what else is happening in digital lands this week:

  • the unedited live stream from sansar
  • the stuff stanley is writing about is NOT speculative, folks: do not forget that [we are all in this!] ….
  • and yes we are talking about china but we must also talk about africa in regards to where our crap is being shipped to:
  • stanley was comfy in sansar in manchester at the landing. was he cheating because his rl self was sitting? you be the judge:

  • qiufan aka stanley assessing the recent popularity of chinese sci-fi:
  • we mention ken liu in this show a few times. a prominent chinese-american author, he was instrumental in introducing western audiences to cixin liu’s seminal “the three-body problem” through translation, but rejects the label of “ambassador” of chinese sf in america. he will be on the program in early 2020:

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 6.07.50 AM

  • as a newly obsessed reader of chinese sci-fi i would be amiss not to post this fan made minecraft machinima of the “ur”- novel [at least for us westerners] of the movement, cixin liu’s “the three-body problem” = insane passion this fan is displaying ! ! !
  • want to know more about draxtorreads series? grab the one-sheeter!

  • what is next on the sansar show centering around groundbreaking current scifi and fantasy authors? well, glad you asked because i shall give you tim maughan:

tim maughan in sansar november 15th.jpg

  • something else happening this week? want to go from scary rl to haunted sl for a bit of artistic escapism? heck yes:
  • what else is happening in sansar you ask? well, loads of events at harvest such as world hopping [which can be cathartic even in its scarier moments]:

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