show #230: dr. murder is ready to .. explain [!!!]

230 thumb.png
show #230

today on the show dr. lee mellor better known as dr. murder. he will present a lecture series called “murder in vr” starting this wednesday. fascinating conversation with a fellow that i can’t quite place. but then again: i dropped out of my psychology studies long ago to pursue art …. enjoy:

and more info on this and other thiniges to digest below:

  • the original live stream with the Doc [includes our trip to his lecture hall and a mini sansar fieldtrip as well]
  • the teaser for doc’s lecture series in sansar:
  • need dates for lectures? here they are:

lecture dates.png

  • what is new in sl? fashion: that’s what is new [and drax still wears the same t-shirt from 2012 …]
  • on the sansar front: vassay creator profile has hit the youtubes and i love it:
  • of course we still goof around in sansar … with a whole bunch of rowdy kids … sigh

  • concluding with a few links to opinions on the new fb virtual world announcement. we will pick it up soon on a in depth show but for now what loki says/ links to i totally agree with. including assessment of the palmer [who seems to be still] lukcey … no need to repeat this on my end:

  • i also agree with philip’s concerns that are expressed in this medium post when it comes to social media in general. also i recommend jaron lanier’s latest book AGAIN!

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