show #228: we are giants ! ! !

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show #228

we are back from summer vacation and must now stop referring to ourselves as multiples because jo yardley has left the building [amicably of course as she is too busy in the dutch countryside and 1920s berlin!]

on the show today with drax only: young adult / middle-grade author amber lee dodd who appears as fox avatar [courtesy silas merlin of course] in sansar to talk disability in fiction & what the life of a writer is like when audio-visual entertainments reigns supreme. enjoy:

and here is some more to read up on and digest and contextualize:

  • the original stream from sansar, premiering the amber lee fox:


  • the meta meta stream of a small crowd watching the basement studio from the basement

  • amber in the physical world with secrets of writing [hint: has to do with cold stone walls]








  • amber lee dodd is talented and gets awards in well-deserved portions …



  • want to support drax files radio hour? buy some ko-fi and thank you [or get a banner on this site!]





  • if you listen to this AFTER 9/24 you already know what came … but as we are posting this WE SURE DO NOT ! !







  • what is happening elsewhere in social vr? well = a new sansar creator video has hit the youtubes!
  • now what is up in sl you ask? alas = a new sl video is out too and it rocks:

  • i teased in the audio a story i am pursuing …. oh my it is potentially huge but it will take time …




  • i know i keep piling on but perhaps you guys missed the premiere of “the nexus” in sansar? here are my first 30 secs …






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