show #223: tad williams is in the [other?] house

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show #223

and it is a wrap: drax devoured the “memory, sorrow & thorn” trilogy in record time & brushed up on “otherland” to prep for bestselling scifi/fantasy author tad williams‘ appearance in sansar.

what an event: tad for the first time in vr, hosted by linden lab at their sf hq. 2 avatars, one “handmade” by vassay [based on rl photos of tad’s head shot by bagnaria] with a shirt by solas & a commissioned baboon in a suit [crafted by silas merlin] who turned out to be a mandril after all.

enjoy a conversation about early early vr, interactive tv, libertarianism [well tad says the word & i put it in here just for opportunistic seo purposes] & why epic means epic and why fantasy does not have to be garbage escapism:

and now read/watch on for more context below:

  • the original live stream:
  • a few impressions as tad gets on-boarded at ll
  • a clip of tad at ll [time permitting we do a nice reportage with interview – bagnaria shot some footage]
  • tad’s new friend in sansar [our camera cat “jarjartips”] can be hired via the store:


  • jarjar normally looks like this though:

  • goofy clips from the show? you bet we have them:

  • solid advice for writers from a mandrill? got those too:

  • tad talks creativity to the next generation = i love it!
  • don’t know who what tad is referencing in re jaron lanier? don’t know who he is? well here is a quick primer [and then you should read his various books asap!!]
  • and here is a true blast from past featuring jaron’s products from his company vpl research 
  • “is drax still doing sl videos?” yes i hear that question at times … sigh. answer? yes = i do 8 per month & i love this one:

  • who is coming next to be interviewed in sansar about books and such you ask? well: it is cat sparks of course! super exciting stuff ….

  • and lastly = what is new in sansar? music is coming ….

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  1. John says:

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE.

  2. ylvs laDuchesse says:

    Heja Draxtor, you kindly ask me to tell over here how I came to be official consultant to Tad Williams. As I said on twitter it was a happy mixture of timing, luck and mutual sympathy. When reading the final volume of Otherland at the turning of the century I read the announcement that Tad’s next thing would be an online project called Shadowmarch. I joined the messageboard the very same day. Tad was very active there for some time (until faceborg lured him away) so we had a few exchanges there. Then in 2002 he was at LitCologne and I went to his reading. At the signing afterwards I told him that I was a Smarcher and he immediatly invited me for drinks after the venue. There were loads of publishing people there but miracolously hardly anyone seemed to be interested in talking to my fav writer. So we had a lovely long chat and some Kölsch and I was over the moon. I then made a habit of going to his readings whenever he was in Germany. In 2005/6 there was a massive in depth reread of Memory Sorrow and Thorn on the message board and I was one of the few peeps who kept it alive to the very last chapter (took 18 months iirc).
    Then in 2013 Tad was awarded the Schwäbischer Lindwurm during the Dragon Days and me and some other friends of course were there. For reasons that I will not elaborate here Tad decided to tell us that he was about to return to Osten Ard and swore us to secrecy because this was not to bepublic knowledge for quite some time. When he had finished the firt draft of Witchwood Crown he decided he needed feedback from people who are intimitly familiar with Memory, Sorrow and Thorn – asking us was the obvious choice.
    Does that sate your curiousity?
    Best, ylva

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