show #221: laura gilmour on neurodiversity in vr

show #221

guest today is laura gilmour, phd student at the university of alberta in canada. she is pursuing a degree in educational psychology & recently completed a study for a paper entitled “is participation in family role-play in second life associated with improved social and emotional support and well-being among adults with autism spectrum disorders?”

yes you guessed it: with a title like this [& coming off documenting zooby babies just recently] draxtor jumped at the chance to dedicate the hour to laura, who is also a self-advocate in the realm of college students with autism.

enjoy the conversation and please do comment below with your thoughts:

more food for the thought part:

  • laura and her kid at the interview with drax at his arcade:

Laura Gilmour with Zooby

  • laura’s inspiring story = a person with autism enters college:
  • laura is working on a children’s book based on her sl adventures:


  • the zooby baby mini documentary [laura was inspired by the zooby baby phenomenon early on in her sl adventures]
  • meantime what is happening in sansar? incidentally a fieldtrip with wolfenhoweller, young content creator, also on the autism spectrum, leading us through her wonderful worlds:
  • coming ever closer [please RETWEET ! ! !] >>> the next batch of author interviews in the #draxtorreads across the metaverse series:

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  1. John says:

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE.

  2. Very well done. Quick correction in that the 2012 sex and autism study was prior to my days exploring Second Life and the survey for that study was via “Survey Methods” software and blogging and facebook groups. It wasn’t until my Master’s program I began exploring Second Life. However everything else in this is accurate and well said and captured.

    Here is the link to the 2012 study on sex and autism. It was my undergraduate thesis and no SL involvement but I did learn the process of internet data collection in general which was useful later for navigating SL and collecting data as the blogging world and online groups have some similar dynamics to SL communities and also the learning process on how to best recruit an audience for a survey. Also note in both my SL research and this previous research done through the blogging and facebook community is that I ended up in both studies with a majority of participants being female.

    My contact information is if anybody has any further questions.


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