show #219: so what about rec room?

show #219

and another episode in our series “so what about …” and this time – finally as some may say – drax is visiting rec room. a world that has been around for 3 years, started with paddle ball & was ignored by drax due to his anti-athletic bias but alas: rec room has a LOT MORE to offer. enjoy:

now look here for more stuff to fit your brain with:


  • the original stream with shawn whiting live from rec room
  • and yes rec room is coming to mobile!

  • a good example of real time sculpting mid air …

  • some stills from our stream:


  • shawn’s comment on second life and dancing made me think of a decidedly non-dancing use of sl = gigantic immersive adventure games:
  • and i would be remiss not to post something from sansar here as well = abramelin wolfe profile is here:
  • and second life was present at a major rl convention for the first time since … well slcc 2011 i reckon?

  • and it is berlin’s birthday STILL …

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