show #213: fantasy faire 2019

show #213

as of its third day counting, fantasy faire 2019 in second life has raised 3,487,572 l$ which amounts to 13,950 us$ for the american cancer society. how did they do that? well: micro-payments in linden currency for imaginative merchandise, avatars, buildings, anything that enhances this wonderful virtual world. it is quite remarkable what is happening on 16 regions shaped by the top designers in sl: imagination = fundraising and fundraising = imagination.

today enjoy a walk-through the fairelands where not only shopping for a good cause is happening but also talks, panel discussions, quests and concerts and and and …. enjoy:

and now watch instead of reading:

  • the uncut live stream walk-through [about 1/3rd of what is out there…]:
  • drax’ fantasy faire destination video:
  • loads of production stills:

  • pic by caitlin:

  • ciaran found something cool:

  • flickr is full of pics:

Halt on your step

Sanguinely Garden in the night - - Fantasy Faire 2019


  • my favorite mermaid:

>>>>>> now please go into the faire and get active!

the show is supported by sinespace, fabeeo breen, ragvr, vinyl, masoom, delacruz industries, journey by debi baskerville, zero-one heavy industries corporation, aeros avatars, utilizator mode, time portal, slartist, hextraordinary fine magical goods, bay city you know for kids, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, kahruvel design, {what next} and landscapes unlimited.

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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