show #210: vr facing off in rl: are you game?



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show #210


well it was about time: my “nemesis” from high fidelity – xaos princess as she calls herself – and i met at a local restaurant to battle it out: we were [“vr” in past tense] ready to face off and tell each other what is what = sansar vs high fidelity with second life in the middle of these virtual divorce proceedings of a platonic relationship? no: we had great food, went all over the place in terms of subject matter and laid the foundation to a recurring monthly meet-up at an undisclosed location. let’s just hope oUT oF oRder never finds out where we live …

enjoy a wide ranging discussion on social vr & beyond:

and now as usual a little extra to digest as usual despite an overlong podcast:

  • this show goes live on april 1st and i could not help myself ….

april fool fun .png

  • we met once before xaos and i and it was fairly xaotic & well documented on a previous podcast …

show #158

  • more xaos? no problem:
  • still reading “infinite jest” in sansar and this one is my fave passage of hal’s grandfather berating his son:
  • even more xaos? well …. if there was any doubt if xaos princess is less bubbly in hifi = fear not: she is EXACTLY the same …
  • atlas hopping can be xaos but more often than not it is out of order ….
  • xaos means xaos:

  • if you listen to this we may already have a new episode of #lovemadeinsl

  • and this is what xaos sent me on discord after we met for lunch ….. any more questions?

too many selfies on discord .png

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  1. My worst problem with privacy in Second Life is that my RL name is equal to that of a Dutch comedian with a very annoying sense of humor. I so don’t want to be confronted with that kind of stuff in SL!

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