show #207: positivity

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show #207

on today’s show: a positive look at second life as expressed by seasoned residents and brand n00b students tasked with classwork in sl. also: a tribute to fran who passed on at 92 years of age & drax’ very first reportage from 2007. enjoy:

more to read and watch below:

  • lexy nexen talks truth [no two ways about it….]
  • sociology student sarah beth campbell from calgary relates her first sl impressions:
  • and another good one on sl focusing on the positive:
  • rip fran ….

  • and her story in moving images:
  • i was not even one month old in sl when i filed my first reportage … oh my …. the voice …. the images …
  • what is happening with #ourdigitalselves? glad you asked:

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