show #206: margi preus on writing ya historical fiction

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show 206



bestselling author margi preus is in the house today. in the sansar house. and it was a real treat: the drax family enjoyed her books and is still catching up on the other historical ya novels margi has on offer. enjoy a celebration of the written word as delivered by a avatar, transcending geography and almost all timezones too:

big thanks to lisa and hamsa from the university of minnesota at duluth. margi was able to access sansar at their vizlab. we could not have done this without their wonderful local onboarding help. now: below some more info for you dear listener to digest:

  • selected stills of the margi avatar:
  • the original interview from unedited stream:
  • not the best audio on this clip but is it not remarkable how much real life margi and vr margi look alike?
  • the new 114harvest camera switching system at harvest [scripted by granddadgotmojo] in action:

  • the latest drax files looks into stem education in sl:
  • our “love made in sl” series has protagonists tie the knot in both realities:

  • i know that margi will like this sign in my local used bookstore:

  • i would be remiss not to mention how fun our sansar atlas hoppings every saturday at 11am are so i am posting a few pictures …

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