show #204: so what about somnium space?

show #204.png
show #204

… and we went to another social vr world on the show today = founder and ceo artur sychov of somnium space [= and the dude behind the ar/vr advertising placement agency “admix” as well as a member of the vr blockchain alliance] was giving us a tour and by “us” i mean friends vassay and loki eliot from sansar/second life, and a new friend who can be outrageous but was restrained for once: oUT oF oRDER [oh lord, yes, that guy from the money tree again] …

enjoy an edited version of our stream with some exquisite frau yardley banter:

read and watch on folks:

  • the original uncut live stream from somnium last week:
  • an interview with ceo/founder artur with a bit more detail on their decision to run a indiegogo early land-sale campaign:
  • new stuff happening in somnium space now and/or soon:
  • in regards to virtual land = everything new is OLD again? or was it the other way round ….. ?
  • but bragg v. linden lab opened a can of worms that as of yet has not been closed … everything new is new again?
linden lab says license but residents are saying not so fast ....png
excerpt of cnn post about the lawsuit
  • on that note = kern county [where my wife’s family has some property] has a slick promo video = nice template for ambitious next gen virtual worlds?
  • interesting >>> inter-vr-world teleporting in action:
  • what is next with drax files radio? shall we visit any other immersive vr space or shall we move to other subjects on the podcast? there is decentraland, there is anyland, there is …. what else is there?
no this is not second life in 2003 = this is anyland in 2018.png
no this is not second life in 2003 = this is anyland in 2018
  • and on another note = follow shyla on twitter because her poetry is so relevant!

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