show #198: cb lee on writing [awesome] ya novels

198 new.pngand the last show before the winter break [which shall last UNTIL JANUARY 15th ] is upon you dear listener: cb lee is in the sansar basement/house in both star wars themed and humanoid avatar.

cb in human form.png
cb is a shapeshifter of sorts … [ring a bells anyone ?]

 cb lee writes wonderful novels for young adults with everything you need: romance, heartbreak, adventure, conspiracy, ethnically and gender diverse characters, all rolled into fast-paced narratives playing out in complex and somewhat dystopian worlds.

my cb lee.jpg
cb’s books sandwiched between eu law & some david brin next to cixin lu and rpo


drax learned that in 2018 young people have a plethora of stories to choose from that reflect diversity so much better than the formulaic spy thrillers he read as a teen [mainly robert ludlum and alistair mclean with some misogynystic conan short stories sprinkled in for good measure!].

conan all the time.jpg
my mom hated this part of the collection except for the very far left book 😉

enjoy the show and send cb a nice message on twitter, pick up her books & convince her to come back to sansar sometime:

and some links for further reading/watching below on and off topic:

  • the original unedited conversation in sansar on vid:
  • big thx to sam d from linden lab who provided the vr gear and ran operations locally in los angeles for this interview [he also took pics!!]
CB picks up virtual Draxtor cups.jpg
cb picks up some draxtor branded cups in harvest …
she is picking up cups all the time .png
…and the vr pov >>> shoulda brought more cups !

…. and a shout-out must go to silas merlin who created the avatar & daisy gator who made wonderful shirts [>>> visit their stores <<<<<]

silas is sad alone.png
go and buy silas stuff now or he will forever be sad!
  • due to delayed arrival i am just getting my head around cb’s follow up to sidekick. it is REALLY good:
  • are you interested in ya literature? get started here:
  • interested in ya and lgbtq reads?

  • missed atlas hopping? here is the madness:

have a fab fab holiday season and we will see and speak with you in the brand new year! maybe pick up some xmas merch from loki? fits even dragons uhm draxons ….


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  1. draxfiles says:

    and since i have not figured out how to embed twitch clips into wordpress >>>> here is cb thanking silas and daisy with a signature vr wave 🙂

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