show #196: liz jensen on the fun & pain of writing

show #196
show #196

liz jensen is a best-selling author, former sculptor and radio producer, a journalist with experience working overseas and now she has possibly reached the ultimate goal in life: being made into a avatar [by silas merlin] in the user-created social vr universe of sansar.

liz jensen LECTURE better.png
liz reads some drax for warm up …

enjoy a wonderful conversation,  celebrating the art of writing, demystifying it even, and read on beyond for context:

and here is the linkage below:

  • the unedited one-camera-out-of-my-dragon-eyes version of the live interview:
  • follow liz on twitter to learn more about climate fiction and so many other REAL WORLD thingies:

  • read about clifi in the new yorker:

  • the trailer to the movie about my life as a boy in a coma [again >>> they got the first name wrong … damn you hollywood ! ! ! ]

  • the shrine to the jensen section of the drax library [even her husband is represented but what about anthony burgess and a pic of our deceased cat???]
jensen shelf.jpg
small yet growing = the jensen shrine at the drax residence
  • what is happening in second life news? animesh is coming ! ! !

  • want to see animesh in action before it came alive? my sl bday video is the place!
  • atlas hopping last saturday had a pretty big audience in the physical world:

  • loki finds it fun to hit my head during atlas hopping [it is against the tos folks!] …

  • i am still reading liz jensen but have to switch to cb lee very soon coz she is coming to dinner … uhm i mean to 114 harvest ….

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  1. Excellent interview, Drax. Really interesting discussion. I had actually heard of cli-fi too as the woman who bought my first story when she was editor at Cosmos writes cli-fi: Cat Sparks. Her first novel was published recently: Lotus Blue It was pretty well received I think. I’m going to read it soon, it’s on my to-be-read pile. It’s described as “post-apocalyptic” and is set among travelling nomads in a desertified Australia. It sounds pretty intriguing anyway.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Thx Daisy >>> good lead! It is on my reading list 🙂

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