show #195: bill prensky on vw learning as textbook of the future

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show #195

this week a pre-edited portion of an interview with bill prensky from cndg, talking education in virtual worlds.

cndg has been in partnership with pearson to produce vw modules in sl for several years and their model is quite successful.

this audio is part of the basis for my upcoming drax files special on using sl in higher education specifically stem subjects.

enjoy this little teaser!

context and more to read/watch? here ya go:

  • super glad i am back on the education beat. last time i was in istanbul:

  • even phil is talking edu!

  • while you are listening to this i will be in lucca, italy, presenting “our digital selves” and sansar!

immerse lucca.png

  • “our digital selves” is playing december 7th in pacific grove, california. at the monarch film fest. we are coming home ! ! !

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  • atlas hopping never stops whereever we may go ….

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