show #192: augmented world expo munich 2018


my hometown of munich hosted the augmented world expo and apparently has for a number of years. first time for me presenting my work in the fatherland in this format.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 10.40.48 PM.png
there i am and others …

Big thanks to lisa peyton who co-moderated the panel on “embodiment in social vr” which was totally packed.

what else happened? lots: this podcast is the longest in drax files history. many voices on ar specifically but of course going much broader since the impact on society is what interests us here. disclaimer? no magic leap tested coz draxman loves conversations too much!


links to guests and context below:

– elise xu from facebook (her talk will be on youtube in a week)

astrid kahmke from film zentrum munich & immersive bavaria (forgot to take a pic with her…she is hiding on the very right of the frame)

anselm hook associated with his own genius so i picked a photo from the bavc producer institute days when we first met 10 years ago:

colin steinmann from openarcloud talks open ar clouds

– casper from cimmerse smiling at real/augmented nike shoes

iris gonzalez trying magic leap before the batteries ran empty …

– immersive bavaria has the appropriate app to show we are not just backwards conservative lederhosn fetishists!

– german automotive parts supplier bosch (among other things they do) focusing on what ar tends to focus on = enabling enterprise to squeeze labor more efficiently.

– tyler king from itnint had the most tangible tech to offer = scanning badges. and yes it worked 🙂

– this winner of the auggie awards actually looks super cool!

– behind the curtain the man steve ratcliff from rgi events santa cruz is running the show

charlie fink’s book at the start of the show (table was empty two days later)

– my friend xaos princess from hifi tried everything in the expo:

– atlas hopping happened this saturday

– now drax is in florida filming a story on second life and education ….

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