show 191: litup festival 2018, singapore + sl + sansar


just back from singapore where i participated in the litup asia pacific 2018 festival that brought cultures from the south asia region together with westerners like myself and merged in lectures and performances the traditional with the cutting edge.

who is entering the centre.png
the centre where it happens

poet and organizer dr. chris mooney-singh and his wife savinder kaur invited me to speak on sansar and showcase where the train is headed in social vr.

i also met sl/sansar friends scott grant and jj jegathesan for the first time in the physical world.

invite to sansar mixed reality event.JPG
we hosted at 114 [sign by bluebell]
30 hours roundtrip later i am invigorated with possibilities as i saw young folks embrace their traditional dance, their oral traditions, their literature as well as immersive virtual worlds and digital animation.

a few excerpts of longer interviews today for this special show. taped at aliwal arts centre and lasalle college for the arts.

lasalle college.png
pretty cool architecture lasalle college is!


and some more stuff to watch [we don’t have all the videos archived yet but a special drax files documentary is forthcoming]:

  • savinder kaur, festival director – the most amazing organizer i met! tireless. fearless!
thank you savinder
  • chinese teochew opera performers getting ready back stage:
Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.55.23 PM.png
modern wireless mics and traditional garb
  • more backstage from lasalle college performances:
young performers.png
embracing fashion from centuries ago is a good thing
make up for the next generation of bali dancers.png
bali dancers mother and daughter


  • second life and learning chinese with scott grant:
scott grant aka kaylee west backstage.png
scott grant in sl backstage as he participates in a panel on stage without audience knowing his physical world identity
teaching chinese in second life.png
teaching chinese in sl via chat bots and authentic daily tasks
  • KristovFur helped us so much with filming and his work as a playwright will be featured in the upcoming doc about the festival.

KristovFur aka Christopher Ches.png

  • the festival was full of traditions but also cutting edge = radheya jegatheva and the film he presented blew me and everyone else away:
chris and cronkite.png
chris is riffing about online culture
draxo in sansar and cronkite on stage.png
draxo dancing in sansar …
  • we brought the atlas hoppers to singapore … in a virtual sense … and loki eliot for one liked it!

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