show 188: oblee talks everything + makes music …

show 188

a conversation with musician oblee whereby we log into the sl welcome area and also do not shy away from addressing sansar …. enjoy:


more material to digest below:

  • oblee and drax at the welcome area:

  • oblee streams the real life stuffs:
  • more sl15b music fest stream from youtube below [just click that image darn it!]:

music fest.jpg

  • oblee was guest on drax files once:
  • oblee and i disagree on politics at times but we TOTALLY agree on elon musk related issues:

the the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by sinespace, fabeeo breen, ragvr, oyo mesh studio, vinyl, masoom, the cube republic, delacruz industries, journey by debi baskerville, vista animations, zero-one heavy industries corporation, aeros avatars, utilizator mode, time portal, slartist, warbug, hextraordinary fine magical goods, bay city you know for kids, maven homes, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, kahruvel design, {what next} and landscapes unlimited.

thumbnail by justin esparza

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email

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