the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

broadcasting without permission from an attic somewhere in Berlin [about the metaverse – naturally!]

show #181: charlie fink on the future of realities

show #181.png

show #181

we have a real futurist on the show today! we talk enterprise use of ar/vr/mr/xr and address lackluster consumer adaption of the tech we love so much. note: charlie fink is also a fan of user-created content so the hour is full of all various angles on the subject…


more stuff to read below:

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  • gdpr is hitting the interwebz and things are changing. for good?




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  • atlas hopping in sansar is the best!








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  • may 18th it is time for “our digital selves” ….. [teasers for the last few days?]








the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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2 comments on “show #181: charlie fink on the future of realities

  1. orcaflotta
    May 14, 2018

    “lackluster consumer adaption of the tech we love so much.”
    Heyyy, you deliverd the answer to your question already in that sentence, Drax. You and a small minority of mostly guys love technology.
    Not everybody does. particularly we girls want to see in how far your tech will help us living a better life. So far what we see are clunky, unconvincing things like expensive but nausea inducing headsets, which you need expensive, overpowered computers for. And al that to enter a virtual world which isn’t even half as nice as the good old SL. Most of us aren’t in SL for the half-baked tech but for the community and things we can do in world. Turns out in Sansar there’s not much to do but say Aaaaaw and WOW!
    I don’t pay hundreds and thousands of woolong in order to vomit better. Nobody in their right mind would jump on such bad tech! Nobody!

    • draxfiles
      May 21, 2018

      Orca it saddens me a bit that you don’t seem to be very familiar with my work which always puts community over tech 🙂 i hope you give the just released feature film a chance as well as my conclusion: people matter! not the tech. or as my protagonist varahi lusch puts it: “…if it is just more fairground rides that is a bit of a low aim if we consider ourselves a civilized advanced species…”

      btw our 114 Harvest community in Sansar is quite vibrant. Why? Because we are inclusive and transcend gender, age, ethnicity!

      Oh the movie ? here it is >>>>>

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