show #179: jessica outlaw on the dark sides of vr

show #179.png
show #179

jessica outlaw from the extended mind is on the show today. too long don’t listen? well: vr is a cesspool and you should burn the headset if you have one… NOT!

fabulous nuanced conversation about some real concerns and how we may be able to fix them [should we choose to prioritize!]



and just a few links to check out:





  • our friend ryan schultz covered jessica’s talk about “why women don’t like social vr!”
  • jessica’s study – sponsored by plutovr –  is freely available on her website:

virtual harassment.png

  • great read on privacy:

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 3.25.21 PM.png

  • jessica  loves the new yorker apparently?


  • jessica mentions raph koster [creator of ultima online and many other things including music and books! drax was at ny school event with the man in 2009!]




  • atlas hopping was awesome last saturday!






  • hoverderby was coool [although the stream suffered from dropouts….]



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