show #168: shyla the super gecko

show #168.png
show #168

the first sansar edition of the podcast [bi-weekly live stream on fridays] is featuring shyla the super gecko: in the physical world she has been diagnosed with a multitude of disabilities that leave her chair-bound for most of the day.

To control her chronic pain she has been given braces as well as medication. She struggles with insurance companies but she also struggles with current VR tech.

This eloquent lgbtq activist, poet and former storm chaser, “plays” a wise gecko who made the trip to Sansar to enlighten us with a more comprehensive vision of a inclusive world challenging current ableist reductionism…

enjoy the show:

our guest:

  • shyla’s poems are in the current issue of rez magazine:
shyla on the cover of rez magazine.png
shyla on the cover of rez magazine
  • you can meet shyla in second life at ethnographia here & her santa monica accessibility park is here. she also recommends checking in with virtual ability.
TDF 4x ODS Shyla group.png
shyla at ethnographia meeting
  • the current teaser for “our digital selves” featuring the gecko in many forms:
  • and shyla’s wisdom in rl as we drive to chicago:
  • and the full live show minus the tech issues we had at the outset:
gecko on sale.png
gecko on sale from theanine design
  • and here is one of shyla’s wonderful new poems:

The New Offensive
© 2018 Shyla the Super Gecko (AKA KriJon Resident in Second Life)

I always thought fuck,
Dyke, Kike, Cunt —
All things I do or am
Were offensive words.

Today I learn transgender is offensive.
My friend, a transgender, erm ah, shit
There is no synonym for it,
Since when did her identity become offensive?

Today I learn vulnerable is offensive.
Equitable to Susceptible, Weak, Defenseless –
Only the first of which fit me, but it will do.
Since when did ableism make me offensive?

Today I learn entitlement is offensive.
We do have constitutional rights;
A Bill of Rights, Amended rights; Legal rights.
Since when did living become offensive?

Today I learn diversity is offensive.
As if the playing field is equal;
Equal opportunity a misnomer of reality.
Since when did fair play become offensive?

Today I learn fetus is offensive.
Fetus? Unborn human babies?
I pour water on my face; shake my head.
Since when did procreation become offensive?

Today I learn evidence-based, fact-based is offensive.
This I understand;
Science offensive to any who fears
Science has always offended the ignorant.

It must be an ignorant man
Claiming these things offensive.
No leader, for sure, could be so naïve’,
What? Really? My President named these?

Many claim it places politics before humanity –
An understatement to me
The disabled lesbian;
The lost Jew fighting
Theological Intrusions

It’s not politics for Christ’s sake!
It’s not religion for Christ’s sake!
It’s Aryan, exclusionist, racist filth.
Since when did this not become offensive?

  • we also went atlas hopping this past saturday and discovered a new world….
meet the draxies.png
meet the draxies
  • and ciaran laval took a few pics…

Toy Drax

Heading Back

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