show #166:2018 = the year of social vr?

show #166.jpg
show #166

we are back from break and despite the title of the show our esteemed panel pretty much ignored all other social vr efforts except sansar [and second life..]

are we biased. of course we are! enjoy a lively discussion folks:

our guests:

rag's fb profile pics sums up his talent in one jpg.jpg
rag’s fb profile pics sums up his talent in one jpg
  • we talk sansar but we also live sansar with iron giant & a big ready player one promo among other goodies [every saturday at 11am!]
  • we are not so sure about vrchat but the media writes stuff that does not sound too good….

is vrchat really full of nasty people?

  • some good-hearted reaction in vrchat gives us hope…

music today by nina simone:

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  1. So stores and SIM’s in SL are closing in larger numbers, so the question is, is this the year something new was invented to increase sales – like a country that hits it mark and has to find new markets, and when markets dry up, countries go to war. Can we wait for VR wars??? I don’t see this as exciting — it is just the natural course, the end of one form of VW’s to be replaced by a new form — just like floppy disks were replaced by smaller floppy disks (for those who can remember, there were two kinds), and then replaced by hard drives (which are still sold for unknown reasons) because now we have the cloud.

    So the truth of this most recent show is the equipment is clunky and folks are not yet ready to “re-invest” everything they invested in SL type technology (or Kitely, or whatever). And there is a good question, OSGrid and Kitely recently opened markets, so how are those markets doing? The fact that SL is getting smaller with regard to actual populated SIMs, and that Sansar is primarily populated by corporate experiences tells me we are not there yet and this is not the year, they won’t de-clunk the equipment in 2018 for sure.

    But, the sad truth is Sansar is pulling creators from SL, and SL is paying a price for this. Other creators and providers are expanding to places like Kitely and OSGrid, hedging their bets, which is also not good news for SL. So as much as LL wants to believe they can have both, and keep both groups happy, they have provided too many carrots for the the beta mode which leaves huge gaps in a world, which, if we are honest, was already feeling gaps on the scripting side.

    So this is not the year for the next phase of VR, but the downhill slide of the existing VR in SL continues. I’d love to hear if there is impact to Kitely and OSGrid. If it is having no impact on them, then this Sansar effect is limited to SL, and even though SL is promising all kinds of upgrades, what we need are our creators, our scripters and our SIM owners to find SIMs profitable again.

    My two cents, as always, and its only worth that much – debate away.

    Peace all –

    1. draxfiles says:

      SL will not be replaced 🙂 LL is investing heavily in so many areas, no space to talk about it all. Hopefully new people enter the creative field so that there is no siphoning. Corporate experiences = not true: the vast majority of the close to 900 experiences in Sansar are simple user-created worlds where folks are experimenting and having fun.

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