show #156: sansar is here now what?

show #156.jpg
show #156


we are back from the dead – well from summer i’d say and while we were gone the virtual world building world sansar [made by linden lab] opened its doors to the public beta stage…

so now where is social vr in the public’s mind? anywhere on their radar or are we all just hammered still through constant vw kool-aid consumption?

enjoy the discussion of why and how sansar can succeed with our superb guests dulce baerga and kelvin d. olson:

our guests:

dulce in sl.jpg
dulce in sl
  • kelvin d. olson from sl, rl and twitter
kelvin in rl.jpg
kelvin in rl

sansar videos are hitting the interwebz, some made by fans….

…some by critics…

some made by the officials….

and some by drax:

lots of articles are coming out too:

sansar on the next web

of course strawberry singh and the draxman are relentlessly hyping “atlas hopping” [every SAT at 11am SLT] and yes YOU SHOULD JOIN TOO!

and if you need the best info on sansar you must of course read inara pey often and more often….

also = drax has not left sl but indeed is working hard on a feature film for early 2018. meantime the series goes on and on and on…for 10 years now can you believe it?

oh yes and a mystery  = did palmer luckey fund altspace vr so his sins of getting trump elected are forgiven?

want to help jo get a new machine?

want to know what is going on in puerto rico and help?

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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  1. kelvindean says:

    Listening again while not trying to think about my next response, show seemed even better than I’d felt it had gone at wrap. Very insightful stuff! Thanks again for having me on. I was wrong; turns out I DO like people… but only a few. ;^)

    I have a thought as to why 114Harvest is so popular…
    It’s quaint and nostalgic, whereas so many other experiences are other-worldly and futuristic.
    Due to the dense vegetation and privacy fences, it doesn’t feel as skyboxy as most of the other experiences (aside from all-indoor ones). I can stroll “outside” without that vertigo-inducing fear that I might lag-walk off the edge and fall into the abyss.

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