we are coming back but not before 09/30

judas and drax in hifi
what is judas doing here?

it has been decided within the drax files empire that the first new show back september 30th with a live show in second life [yes: neither sansar nor high fidelity!!!]

we will talk social vr worlds pros and cons with a hopefully engaging panel including jo of course and also judas and some folks from sansar and stream that live on youtube as well.

for the future of this podcast we hope to go in between different worlds but remain in second life of course as our main basis of operation!

so until then [mark your calendar 9/30] enjoy the archives of drax files …

and join us in atlas hopping in sansar:

also follow me on twitter to witness the fun of pushing back against simplistic mainstream news narratives about vr and vws:

gosh i hope we won’t go nuts with scheduling conflicts with all these shows…

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

the show is supported by time portal, slartist, warbug, bay city you know for kids, zero-one heavy industries corporation, hextraordinary, ionic, maven homes, gizza creations, botanical, strawberry singh, abranimations, aeros avatars, kahruvel design, the cube republic, {what next}, landscapes unlimited, fallen gods incorporated and death row designs.

contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email radio@draxfiles.com

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  1. Medhue says:

    Drax, the Atlas Shrug hopping video says you have disabled playback on other sites.

    1. draxfiles says:

      damn ! thx for letting me know = very strange that YouTube did that? I am checking in the presets!

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