we: on break! you: embrace sansar?

see you in sansar?short missive today folks: sansar is live and the mainstream press is going nuts over it in a good way while a small minority out of sl is spreading some false rumors about functionality and roadmap.

humble beginnings: my first chairs

Sansar MOON2
bunch of whiteys on the moon in sansar?

in any event: we here are busy on vacation prepping cool stuff in BOTH worlds that we shall share soonish.

sansar drax on the moon.png

meantime: enjoy sansar and be sure to stop by 114 harvest!


want sansar related drax merch > ping us!

ps: i tried to share my feelings on the launch in a lengthy blog post here.

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  1. Willow says:

    Sansar=Real Soon Now

  2. Medhue says:

    Who is spreading false rumors? As far as I know, LL won’t post a roadmap, and if you ask about something specific, like animation, you get words like “eventually”.

    1. Willow says:

      Eventually can be expanded to Real Soon Now (RSN) a favorite word in the vapor ware industry.

      1. orcaflotta says:

        \o/ Hoohoo! Willow! \o/

  3. orcaflotta says:

    Yes, I’m shocked – you hear me? SHOCKED – by this assumption anyone would dismiss our rightful doubts and concerns about Sansar as “spreading false rumours”.

    * It’s not a rumour that you can’t log into Sansar on Linux and Mac, which is a KO argument against Sansar.
    * It’s not a rumour that Ebbe actively cannibalizes SL for the benefit of Sansar.
    * It’s not a rumour that many of us fear Sansar might fail, and take LL and ultimately SL with it into oblivion.
    * It’s not a rumour that VR goggles make many people dizzy.
    * It’s not a rumour that you need very powerful (expensive) hardware and super fast internet in order to experience Sansar in any meaningful way.
    * It’s not a rumour that Sansar isn’t a world but merely an unconnected collection of experiences, which renders it useless for active and exploring SL residents.
    * It’s not a rumour that Sansar ain’t what everybody wished SL2 to be like.
    * It’s not a rumour that basically nobody had asked for something like Sansar.

    LL have never treated SL with the respect it, and its residents, deserve. Because they’ve never undestood what SL really is, what SL means for many people, that SL goes much deeper than they ever planned for it. They never got the meaning of online communities and have allowed the stupid masses to dismiss and treat it as a “game”. So how can we be sure they will see Sansar in a different light, as something more than just a technical geeky time waster? How dare LL to cannibalize their best cash cow, SL, for stupid, needless and ultimately doomed to fail adventures in VR? Most of us are her for friends and comunity and activities. Many are doing it on sub par 300 €$ bargain basement laptops, they don’t need any better, they surely don’t need the amazing graphics of SL and even less the 3D effects of some VR “experience”. Sansar won’t give us better friendships and communities. Sansar is a stupid stupid product that will burn out like a dumpster fire.

    1. Willow says:


    2. ella says:

      Eloquently put, my feelings complete. I fear Dax has become a complete helmet and is blind to what others perceive.

      1. Willow says:


  4. YouCannotDoMuchInSecondlife. says:

    Secondlife people keep hiding in the dark alley, afraid for the light.
    The not want to see how much better sansar is going to be as social platform and community’s in DESKTOP and VR mode. Or the have difficulty to see it. It gives also a much bigger group the power to be creative. something you not cannot in secondlife because the costs.

    I do not understand why secondlife people like to keep group of people out of the social side. Just because the want to stay on old platform that is at it’s limit with technology and quality.

    It’s pretty simple. sansar is not going to kill secondlife.
    secondlife is going to kill itself !

    1. Willow says:

      No, Sansar will not exactly kill Second Life but Sansar has the potential to kill Linden Labs!

      Your name says a lot about your imagination. You can do anything you can imagine in Second Life but it won’t be handed to you have to work at it.

      1. Well, Drax, i must say i 100 pct with Orca, Willow and all those “delusional “Second Life users that don’t have much faith In LL to do a proper job and surviving the Sansar fiasco.
        But i do have faith on the LL board and that Ebbe will have the same destiny of others before (does any remembers the names of the old Ceo’s, btw?).

  5. Willow says:

    Helmet with a convenient short in the display screens.

  6. Btw, until the Porno industry shifts and focus on the 3D platforms, 3D it will be a failure and will never be mainstream. If all those literate minds thought for a second besides their bellies they would know that all major progress on the internet just happened because the sex industry fight for it, from the video formats, up to bandwidth.

  7. rudolf says:

    Its not often that i give a reaction on the kind of reactions that are written above but i realy so disagree that i give my opinion. First of all, I have been following the information of sansar for the past 2 years on a weekly base and as far as i know LL is not describing Sansar as Second life version 2. So for me Sansar is a next product just like block world. I havent followed block world… Did you complained about blockworld too? Or is it that sinds Sansar is made so realistic that there is a promis sundenly that i didnt read from LL? I am software developer myself i even program in C# so i realy know how it is to make a product like Sansar and i am amaised of the good visuals and the stability. I have compared software development in the past with building large buildings in the netherlands. Where i live, the soil is clay and very wet. If you dont put poles in the ground you can’t build a large building. So the first part of building software is realy making a lot of affort in something what you can’t see but needs to be done so that the building stay sollid, even after years. If there is not a good foundation under a project like this, than future changes wil break it. So if you complain about the leg and visuals in secondlife, please be amaised about the details the realism, the smoothness because thats the foundation of a program like sansar. So i realy am gladd that LL has choisen for a great foundation so that Sansar keeps beeing a platform with a high potensiol for filling in the wishes we all have in a couple of years what we cant know at the moment. I am realy gladd that they started in a sollid way with an eye for the future and did not listen to nagging of people that do not realise that fast coding lots of functionality leads to crapy unstabel code that everybody including the naggers hate. Excuses for my dutch/english but i hope to give the idee that making sansar is not the same as going to the shop and choising wrong or right, depending on the wishes of potential customers who have no idee what is going on behind the surfase. For me, the creators beta is a way to get starting building, to have an idee what it will be. Its beta because LL is still building the missing parts, so if you build, keep in mind that it might be broken or that essentials are missing. A beta is a way to to give a preview and listen to the ones who are testing it and its realy good that they show the direction of there idees and gives us the possibility to point on difficulties we have or wishes. For me this process is a good professional way. I am missing realy a lot but i am confident that it will come, and if it comes that its fitting well and well thought and not overrushed made.

  8. rudolf says:

    zzpearlbottom, the old ceo is Philip Rosedale, he is the founder of High Fidelity. High Fidelity is a simular application. Its also made for VR and has javascript as programming language for making worlds. High Fidelity is founded in April 2013 and the open beta is started on april 2016. So its a bit a simular story as Sansar with the difference that High Fidelity is started as open source and made by the open source comunity as in, you could invite yourself make part of it and get payed for that part.

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