we: on break! you? watch login2life!

watch it rent it stream it own it
watch it rent it stream it own it

are you tired of us saying that we are on summer break and have no fresh shows?

well then you have to go rent or buy to own “login2life”, our made-for-german-vr documentary about sl and wow.

spanning the entire globe from berlin to flordia to france and china it is pretty darn yuuuge in its narrative scope about how digital worlds can change lives:

it is a film 5 years in the making and 6 years stuck in distribution hell. this is the FIRST time the world can see it outside of educational dvd release…

in other news: new sansar videos are out and inara has been covering that and i have put together a playlist with all sansar related videos on my channel:

also just coz i am making these videos i got called a “marketer” by a certain tabloid “journo” and i was quoted in portuguese too:

i made it into the daily mail of sl.png

and there you have it! back to the beach with a good good read, written by a second life tiny gator 🙂 = BUY THE BOOK FOLKS – IT IS AWESOME !

elinor caiman sands writes about stuffs

oh and almost forgot: uploaded another oldie on the yt channel! now i am only 30 episodes behind i think?

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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  1. Pauline Clary says:

    I really enjoyed watching Login2Life. Great documentary!

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