show #154: spaced out [again!]

show #154.jpega great conversation this week from within the virtual world of space – made by sinewave entertainment. we talk with co-founder and ceo adam frisby [of opensim fame!] and muckraking virtual journalist extraordinaire mal burns joins us as well.

the audio is sup par and i deeply apologize for this: a brandnew machine with new vr ready graphics forced me to reinstall a bunch of stuff and the audio routing was not sufficiently tested before we did this impromptu show. special thanks to nebadon for fixing a lot of noise issues with the track:

some more stuff to read up on and watch:

  • our guest adam frisby we interviewed before:

  • nebadon aka is doing some cool stuff in space:
  • space has fab youtube tutorials = check them out:
  • one more word about avatars:

  • if you want to see the podcast [with unedited bad audio] your wish is our command:

the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley] is a weekly production of basicdrax entertainment.

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thumbnail by justin esparza

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  1. ella says:

    love Adam’s views and work done on Space. Big improvement since my last visit. Just one big problem. A problem replicated by Sansar. The time it takes to load worlds, and the feeling of isolation in said world. The magic factor of SL, you really feel connected, part of something. Just one click and you are transported. Transported not in a way that feels like you have just loaded something else, disconnected from that place. You have a true feeling of immersion, you are an inhabitant of a real world. Adam may be happy with Space as a collection of individual entities, workshops for creators. As it seems that Linden Lab are doing with Sansar. Big mistake. Without the feeling of community, being part of the bigger picture, user numbers will struggle. I was excited when I got an invite to Sansar. I was disappointed on arrival. You just feel so isolated. Something I have never felt in SL. Sure if you have plenty of friends, your little world may feel fun. As that does in RL. Down the line, when you struggle to get new blood into your created worlds. Worlds populated with inbreed elites, will equal disinterest and boredom. I hope I am proved wrong. So I hope Adam will take a closer look at SL, see just what makes it tick and why it works and endures. Connected communities. As for LL, they should understand this fully.
    Hope to see you at SL14, although rl work may prevent this. The Oz talk made me feel good about SL future. Animated Mesh Objects, game changer!
    So all is well:)

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx Ella, great comment! Spot on in many ways!

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