show #149: talk to the troll

show #149.jpg
show #149

today on the show = a conversation with the sl troll lavender storydel [held at my home at escapades, hence the nice ocean sounds in the background].

were you ever interested to learn what drives a young person to creating a troll persona in sl and spend their weekends harassing [in this case] middle aged men?

dr. drax – himself an expert on middle age – tries to find out why lavender spends her time in – what the new york times has called – a “defunct” videogame of the early 2000s rather than going out with friends on a saturday night:

more contextual media below:

drax and lavender at escapades.png
drax and lavender at escapades
  • an example of lavender’s youtube channel:
  • and another one, where she hangs out at zoobys babies store, pretending to be a manager:
  • we had a troll on the show early on and his name was esteban:
  • middle aged men video made by drax in first life when he was a wee 29 year old lad:
  • you want to know what happened at ll this past week? well, loki got you covered coz one of his wishes seems to come through…

  • what is coming up with drax files videos? next episode is in the works and it features some awesome gear:
bumble drax in the works
war bug = bumbledrax in the works

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28 Comments Add yours

  1. Please, please hire Lavender as an investigative in-world field journalist. It would be like having Kristen Wiig doing on-the-sim reporting. “When some weird girl shows up to your Second Life home and asks to marry you, just simply say ‘yes.’”

    Show Title: Say Yes To The Stress

    1. Martin says:

      I’ll vote for that!

  2. I knew you would be stupid enough to do this and give her the attention she wanted. Well done at making yourself the victim here.

    1. draxfiles says:

      Sorry my man >>> I am not a victim: I am a 46-year old privileged white guy, husband, father, perfectly happy with creating my little SL related media, perfectly happy in a day job that is equally fulfilling.

      The victims here are people who are being used as a kind of throw-away collateral for folks who feel juvenile humor is the best they can aspire to!

      Truly sad….

      I wanted to illuminate primarily to myself but also to my audience a bit what drives a troll, why they waste their potential [granted: some have none but I think Lavender might] & how fundamentally sad it is to spend one’s formative years harassing people twice your age just to get a laugh.

      As I have pointed out IMO this is not just good-natured fun.

      This is getting a rise out of people in the way 10 year-olds tend to do and it is NOT harmless to invade someone’s privacy in a world these people create with the primary goal to be safe from a possibly harmful “real” life situation in the physical world! We just don’t know what they are sensitive about, what trauma they may have suffered etc.

      Trolls lack empathy and I want to know why, it is that simple! If we can’t figure out – as a modern society – what lacks in the lifes of these trolls, we IMO are in for something worse than Trump: a completely nihilistic future where nothing matters other than the impulse to get the next kick.

      And yes: the connection to Trump is clear but I don’t anticipate you understanding the nuance of this argument 😉

      Check out the “This American Life” story about the Trump trolls >>>> the motivation behind that engagement is the same that drives trolling games or virtual worlds!

      1. I wouldn’t say Draxtor is a victim. I didn’t troll him…just felt around for his buttons.

        He managed to stay composed considering we spoke for over an hour. Typical Second Lifers usually can’t last a few minutes before screaming at me. 😉

    2. Jessica Major says:

      aren’t you one of Britbong’s best friends alexjapankid? weren’t you also banned several times for ageplay?

  3. Martin says:

    God this is a painful listen. A classic case of a north American not getting British sense of humour.

    1. If that were so…”British Humor” has been relegated to STUPID humor. I am quite fond of British Humor and this does NOT fall into that category–AT ALL!

  4. Actually, it is not at all a case of races and cultures not getting the humour of other races and cultures. That was a sadly uninformed comment. I find trolling humour, humourless. I take no pleasure in watching someone wind someone else up until they crack and lose it. Why is it so funny to invade someone else’s private space and consistently poke at them, make fun of them and taunt them? I am not American, and I do not appreciate this humour at all.

    I watched the whole hour. I found it disturbing and uncomfortable. I believe Lavender went on the show with the intent to troll…and she did that. I am conflicted about this Drax files. On the one hand, I am proud of Drax for his bravery in exposing the behaviour. A conversation with a troll allows people to see this behaviour up close and how they never leave their persona behind…perhaps because that simply IS their personality. It gives us transparency, insight and lets us evaluate these behaviours in a different way.

    On the other hand, I worry that by doing this show, that it has just given Ms Storydell another platform she can point to and use as an example of her trolling behaviours and “comedy”. This in turn encourages other trolling behaviours in other people by giving it credibility. I have concerns that Drax has opened himself up to ridicule from other trolls who might now see him as target number one for the publicity THEY can receive from doing so.

  5. What I notice first as I revisit to offer a comment is that the original words written by drax have been altered. I was immediately struck by the use of the word “intelligent” in the dear drs description of lavender. Originally drax called her “otherwise intelligent” of which there is none. (albeit I clearly understood where he was going with that description).

    Other commentors suggest “not getting the humor?” Are you kidding me…being bullied is humorless on and in any medium. The very fact that one may not realize it is daunting..but when confronted with the opportunity to ponder it and continue to be myopic, devoid of empathy when so confronted and cavalier is TRULY a testament to a society in it’s current state.

    Could it be understood “what” her reasoning is…and that, “ones” shouldn’t take themselves so seriously…?” OF COURSE. However, it is irrelevant because SHE couldn’t understand “why it mattered.”. This interview was valuable on so many levels for any higher thinkers…and even some who are not.

    Thanks for doing it drax. You’re a brave soul

  6. Emilyh says:

    Ii had commented this in the YouTube video recording of this discussion . I was asked to post it here. “I can get what she’s saying people do take second life far to seriously. it’s not real as much as we may like it to be.that said this trolling stand offish nature is a real shame to have because you miss out on a lot. It’s far more interesting and enlightening to talk to the people. even the “serious” ones can be interesting and inciteful if you talk to them. annoying and belittling people even if you think there silly really gains you nothing in return except a cheap laugh.”

    1. draxfiles says:

      thx for the comment! I would argue that SL is as real as we want it to be and it is a wonderful haven for people who don’t have any creative outlet or even safe space in the REAL world. I don;t want to always mention the obvious of disabled folks all of a sudden able to be – well – able-bodied or older folks becoming who they feel inside etc. It is simply NOT ok to assume that this world does not matter because it does not matter to YOU [the troll!] = hiding behind “it is just a joke” is really juvenile. At best! At worst it is making fun of a disabled reporter or trashing people for ratings like that TV reality show star did for a living…what was his name again? Mmhmhhhhhh….

    2. Sara says:

      The mindset is real. The mindset we bring to second life is our own.There is no way around that. Always. Not only for the people who get trolled by someone like lavender. But for her as well.

      Most trolls don’t get what that really means for them or pretend it does not matter. Just like lavender. But if they have an asshole mindset and happily share it on the web – it does not matter in which form (social media second life and so on) – it can be seen and logically will be judged like that. It can be studied too, like for example here Hiding behind an avatar or a nickname does not alter any of that.
      No one should be shy to use commen sense and act accordingly. It’s their mindset that need normal folks not the other way round. Ignor mute bann. If you think thats not nice towards them: They do like it a lot – so it is usefull for literally everyone involved.

    3. What is “too serious”.? Virtual reality is just that. Reality that is virtual. Whatever we create we don’t want anyone to “trash it”– to include our environments. No? sure, it can be rebuilt..but so can a house that a bulldozer comes and demolishes. An obnoxious neighbor knocking on your door at an opportune moment can ruin your day whether you want it to, have a zen personality or not.

  7. Tracy Weston says:

    Okay I have a few comments. First, I only made made it through about 12 minutes and couldn’t really stomach anymore before I rolled my eyes and shut it off. Lavender isn’t exactly breaking any new ground on trolling Second Life, and I found her whiny and dismissive. But she does expose something all trolls do. Some SL users have a lot of naivete about the tools available to them that help avoid trolls. The simplest and most obvious is mute/block. You can also derender avatars. Most people who rent parceled out land on privately owned sims can absolutely ban and eject avatars. You can also purchase in-world scripted security devices that will do those things.
    So that is my point. I don’t care one whit about trolls. You’re never going to get them to see the error of their ways, or to have some epiphany and realize “Hey…I’m kind of an asshole!”. It’s narcissistic behavior at best, and there is little anyone can really do to change that. I would rather focus on emboldening SL residents to use those tools at their disposal, and simply …don’t feed the troll (a cliche that will never die).

  8. workingclassavi says:

    You do not listen very long until lavender clearly states, what she is so fond of doing: She has fun upsetting and unsettling other people. There is no other reason she is in second life.
    Even a source like Wikipedia states it clearly:”Sadism involves gaining pleasure through themselves or others undergoing discomfort or pain.” So thats what she is and thats what she wants to be.
    Not sure how many of her channel viewers are people, who have a soft spot for watching sadists at work and how many are research accounts of psychology students, who are part of evaluating speech patterns of sadists, narcissist and so on on the web. As there are many studies on the roll like that, using that kind of material and even start to automatically evaluate video and audio tapes with special software, the likelyhood that the later are more then the former is pretty high.
    For those people who get upset by folks like her get one of those devices on marketplace which track the online time of those kind of trolls, who pretend in front of their audiences that they just do it every now and then for fun. Watch how much of that fun they need to try to get until they have one bit with which they can go public and get an impression how much time is left for their normal real life, Their pretending it was done in a moment because people in general are so easy to put off is simply a ly. Then if you want to have fun just post the real time the troll spends in the youtube channel comments. I bet this comment will mostly not make it through or at least will be erased fast.
    For Lindanlab I would have the following suggestion: In the abuse reports: add an additional line where a troll youtube channels or webpage can be listed, one where the troll goes public. Do not bann those residents but restrict them to bdsm sims. I bet they will have much fun there and be happy trolling each other till the end of their virtual existance. For the unlikely event the bdsm community protests: use one of the empty mainland parts and let them have their fun there – they do not need anything else then other people and together they can do what they do best. Would put the land to good use for a while ;).

    1. De Vil says:

      You honestly think that “LindanLab” cares about trolls? There’s a mute function, use it brainwart.

      1. workingklassavi says:

        Sorry De Vil, but u either have obviously no clue about data usage developments on the net whatsoever or u anxiously afraid that developments which are already taken place become more and more popular and will leave folks like lavender more and more reduced to deal with folks like herself in certain media areas.
        If you are not aware – Google already filters your search not in your intrest but in their. This practise becomes more and more popular with all kinds of digital plattforms as it of course has an imapact on how they make money and you are naiv if you really belief thats not in their intrest.

        A lot of professional websites already start using technology which simply blends the lesser technical sophisticated trolls out without them ever knowing of it, by just not showing their content to the site users, but keeping it visible for the troll. I do not talk about simple blogs here where manpower is needed to go through this. I’m talking bout comment sections of newspaper which do such things automatically. If you think thats impossible you are naiv and have no clue about programming whatsoever.

        Concerning Second LIfe: Maybe Linden Lab won’t do it. Their choice. It would be totally in their intrest though. Programming one line where people can fill in troll Channels – spelled out: Channels of people who use second life purely to exploit the plattform and its abilitiies (even make money with that through adds) but do not give back to it – neither in lindens nor in creativity – can help at almost no costs to bundle those folks and keep them from exploiting by simple automatic data comparison. The amount of human work in that is minimal because the work is done by the inworld users.
        What you underestimate that for building up a profitable youtube profile a troll must share information to be recognizable. Why not using it when costs to do that are so low? Why not developing the company ideas to how they want to perceived by using simple means which do not cost at all?

  9. StudentOfLife says:

    This is obviously a psychological study that can only be answered on an individual basis by a professional in the field. Although I think it is admirable of Drax to tackle this subject, I don’t think he, she, or we here can provide the answers to the questions, “What has happened to the heart and soul of our world?” And…”How best to deal psychological deviants?” I suggest getting professionals in a forum to really delve into the “how and why”, and further “what can be done about it” kind of answers he is seeking. In the meantime…I would suggest that giving them a platform, a microphone, and an audience is a nonproductive measure for all involved.

  10. De Vil says:

    Seems like Drax was attacking and questioning her for trolling other people, I guess he must have seen ONE video of Lavender, and totally went like “oh shit, this girl is harassing and trolling other people, and made me go butthurt” and totally diss the fact that she’s entertaining other people aswell, Lavender is wicked smart and don’t go by cussing people right in the face for humor.

    So yeah, sit the fuck down Drax and take a few chill pills.

  11. Poot says:

    I understand using second life as a refuge, but what happens when second life is no more? What happens when servers go down, or when power goes out? Linden Labs is not a utility, it’s a business, and businesses can die, and their products can disappear from the market. So why invest so much in an ephemeral reality, and try to argue that it is just as important as RL?

    But oh god SL has such low quality control, I can’t imagine how people can truly love this.

  12. Poot says:

    Drax seriously, you tired to take the “You can do something more” angle. Do you really think this is the only thing Lavender does? You’ve lost touch.

  13. djgizmoe says:

    I tried to listen but it was too painful. Lavender is just a 10 year old girl with a squirt gun shooting the neighbors’ house cats compared to the griefers who disrupt classes in volunteer learning communities (like the one I’ve volunteered in for 8 years). But those griefers certainly don’t deserve a voice (because they’re disturbed and sociopathic) and neither does Lavender (because she’s immature and lacks empathy). I felt like I was listening to a ‘Trump surrogate’ on CNN; giving them attention in this way is not illuminating for anyone.

  14. cutepandas says:

    SL addiction is real. It was never my intention when firstly arriving on SL to meet people really. All, I wanted to do was roam the fantasy sims and safely hang out in club sims with good music.., But, I found myself easily getting involved in the romantic aspect and discovering many dysfunctional relationships types, along the way.

    Only one time have I ever gotten ‘attached’ to an individual. Turns out after that “romantic fling’ and getting to know him seriously, we were in reality quite opposites. What was even ‘awakening’ this guy had a RL relationship and there I was trying to get over him/his persona. Stupidly, I had allowed myself to form a connection…..but you live and learn.

    It’s funny and liberating how this girl breaks the fantasy people have created for themselves and what is sadder is that such people can possibly be unable to deal with problems in real life. Because incidently, that is periodically what happened to me, escapades. The bigger question is, does being on SL really help anyone? When a game becomes so addicting and takes away from RL, causing withdrawal and the unnecessary types of agressive reactions that Lavender Storydel has provoked, what can be done to curb people’s attachment to fantasy?….In general it’s a bigger issue.

    However, the abuse of any religion is disturbing. The pretence that a religious individual has the right to police others can be founded to be unjustly mocking. Many religiously minded individuals are actually peaceful and keep to themselves, or very friendly which may get them into trouble -.-

    And, last;y but not least; if one ever meets a troll that actually helps them to become a better person by questioning their ideals vs their actual practice of such, one would have met an angel in disguise.

  15. cutepanda says:

    If I may add some other things: I agree she is wrong to:
    1. Invade the homes/privacy of others
    2. That trolling towards those who are in abnormal circumstances to defend themselves i.e autistic and so forth is not in good humour and may amount to bullying.
    3. There should be more disability, counselling and support groups on SL rather than the vastly growing “adult” content available.
    4. If older adults were invested in helping/advising/listening disturbed youths even using the SL means, surely it will be more helpful and beneficial than the focused sexual role play. Who knows, maybe this young lady has had to struggle on her own neglected by an SL parent, there is always some reason….I didn’t listened to the entire interview.

    Hopefully something good can come out of this.

  16. maybepanda says:

    Maybe sometimes it’s a safe haven afterall, when thinking about all the problems this world is facing both naturally and man-made disasters. Probably the best temporary solution there is, until we find it within ourselves to do things, to make positive changes.

  17. jaydeekayex says:

    I like how you mention early in this interview that you “weren’t going to be judgemental” and then proceed to constantly degrade Lavender. When it comes to a majority of SL’s players being toxic, this video alone shows that you are a part of the problem.

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