show #144: ebbe + drax on vr edu

show #144.jpg
show #144

today we remember riven homewood and play some tape from vwbpe 2017 conference: linden lab ceo ebbe altberg and yours truly on education in vr and how the future will be informed by the past [or something to that effect…]:


and some more reading and more viewing material below:

losing riven.png

TDF 41 Pen behind.jpg
riven homewood on set of drax files #41
  • the finished episode with a dancing riven = we had so much fun!
  • palmer is out! don’t know where he is though….

  • full ebbe video from vwbpe:
  • full drax video from vwbpe:
  • coming monday = drax files 44 from istanbul:

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  1. draxfiles says:

    We mentioned the Black Mirror episode with the replica of the deceased husband >>>> here it is

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