show 143: vr in germany [part 4:zdf digital]

show #143
show #143

a team of second life/sansar folks were in frankfurt while the american colleagues partied at svvr 2017 and our sl friends mingled in-world at vwbpe over discussions about education in vws…were we jealous that we could not be at these other events?

no because it was super interesting to be here in germany, where things are a bit different: we learned that zdf digital lab does not burn tax money collected for german public broadcaster zdf [very diff system than pbs/npr in the us of a] to fund weird niche projects AND we also learned the guys who work there [even the younger folks] know their virtual world history as well, they understand context, potential pitfalls and opportunities.

enjoy a couple of fascinating conversations with staffers AND a super special guest who drax bumped into during the casual portion of the event, someone who has nothing to do with sl or vr but he is a frank zappa adjacent person to say the least:

context below:

three men and a zdf banner
three men and a zdf banner
  • and pit vinandy aka cyberpiper aka weydert from luxembourg 1867:
  • our guests today: patrick breitenbach, head of brand consulting & strategic dev at zdf digital [he interviewed me too but only in german here]…

looking straight at the live cam.png

  • niki drozdowski, author, director, madly creative person…
niki in his hollywood pose
niki in his hollywood pose
  • early work below:
  • best vr experience at the fest: a toilet = behold: vr flush

vr flush - a dude on a toilet.JPG

  • if you catch it in time >>>> come in-world for the tail end of vwbpe and hear yours truly ramble on for an hour:

  • kent bye’s talk at svvr 2017 >>> awesome ! ! !

  • ebbe altberg already appeared to say everything about education in vws there is to say:

  • april fools LAST YEAR:

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